Value Girls!!

Once upon a time in our planet earth,
The parents killed there daughters before birth.

Having a girl child was a shame to the society,
Nobody was ready to take her responsibility.

Slowly the time’s changed and girls were born,
They lived happily and their bad days were gone.

Today when I see my country’s image getting burn,
I wonder why were parents always after having a son.

Just because he will grow up and turn out to be a rapist,
and leave innocent girls to suffer a life of shit.

Its better to be child less rather than having such a son,
Who kill their human values, and use girls for their fun.

For all the girls who suffered and lost their lives,
You never deserved this for which you were left to strive.

I just wish the history does not repeat again,
where parents fear to have a girl child and world faces pain.

We cant change things that has already taken place,
We can just pray to god that your souls rest in peace.