All I have is you!!

When I cry nobody cares but only u ask “what happened??”

When I smile everybody asks “why” but only you smile in return.

When I lose or fail everybody says “its not your thing” but only u say “you can do it”

When I win everybody says “congrats” but only you say ” I knew u would do it”

When I am sad nobody understands me but only u understand me and say “you don’t deserve to be sad”

When I am happy everybody tries to find the reason behind it but only you actually feel the way i feel!

When I go some place everybody says “bye and take care” but only you say “call me when you reach safely”

When I come back tired everybody asks “how was your day” but only you ask “did you eat something or not”

When I feel like sleeping nobody gives me their shoulder or lap but its only you who say “come and lie down by my side”

No matter where I go and what I do, you are the only person that comes to my mind before doing anything wrong.

Whenever something happens you are the only one whose number is always on my last dialled calls.

There are many types of somebody and everybody who will say “the best thing they have is you”

But you are the only one who actually mean when you say “all I have is you”

For everybody I m just a normal boy but for you I will always be the BEST.

And hence this is the reason my loving mother, YOU are always different from the rest.


Value Girls!!

Once upon a time in our planet earth,
The parents killed there daughters before birth.

Having a girl child was a shame to the society,
Nobody was ready to take her responsibility.

Slowly the time’s changed and girls were born,
They lived happily and their bad days were gone.

Today when I see my country’s image getting burn,
I wonder why were parents always after having a son.

Just because he will grow up and turn out to be a rapist,
and leave innocent girls to suffer a life of shit.

Its better to be child less rather than having such a son,
Who kill their human values, and use girls for their fun.

For all the girls who suffered and lost their lives,
You never deserved this for which you were left to strive.

I just wish the history does not repeat again,
where parents fear to have a girl child and world faces pain.

We cant change things that has already taken place,
We can just pray to god that your souls rest in peace.


Happy Birthday Dad !!

You always stood by me when nobody did,
I am proud that i am your kid.

From the day you held my hand,
I smiled, as u were there with me to stand.

As mirror has its image; i am yours,
Having you by my side makes me secure. 

More than a father, you have been a friend,
I wish to have u always till my end.

On this day i want to say,
thank god for this wonderful day,
because once in a year comes this day,
When you get to celebrate your birthday!!

Wish you a very happy birthday dad 🙂

Happy birthday Nani!!

Is jahan se to chale gaye, par is dil se kaise jaoge,
Jahan bhi raho humesha humko apne paas hi paoge.

Kisi ne sach hi kaha hai,naniInsan duniya se chala zarur jata hai,
Par wo aakhiri k din soch k abhi bhi,
aapki yad me mera dil bhr aata hai.

Hospital me bitaye aapke sath wo aakhiri k pal aaj bhi mujhe rulaate hain,
Aapka wo pareshan hoke na so pana abhi tak mjhe satate hain.

aaj bhi yad aati hai aapke hath ki wo namkeen sewaiyan,
jo koi aur kabhi bana nhi skta,
Kaise milegi ab mjhe wo khane ko,
Aapke bina mjhe wo koi khila b nahi sakta.

har farz aapne apna bekhubi nibhaya hai,
Ek beti, patni aur maa kya hai saabit krke dikhaya hai.

Apni maa me maine dekhi hai aapki hi parchayi,
Jinke rehne se meri zindagi me har wo khushi bhar aayi.

Aaj aapka janam din hai aur aap humare sath nahi,
humare bas me hota to kabka rok lete aapko humare pas yahin.

Lekin jana to har ek ko hota hai ek din,
Yehi zindagi ka dastur hai jisme jina padega ab aapke bin!!

Love and it’s various forms !!

When we are born we have the love of our mother,
followed by that of our father.
That love which should never be compared to any
Form of love, even when shown by many.

The next phase is the love you get
from your sweet siblings,
With whom you fight, play, study,
and leave after marrying.

Now comes the time for the love of a lover,
Whether true or infatuation, it just makes you happier.
This is the time when heart says lover but mind says future,
Some break up and some end up as life partners.

Life moves and comes the love of a partner,
The couple shares the bond that lasts forever.
It’s always your partner after the love of your mother,
Who really cares for you as God made you a pair.

Lastly we have the love of our own children,
Who are just born but fills our life with fun.
They grow and their love for us grow,
I wish everyone a life where these steps only flow!!

Thus love has its various forms,
That can never be compared.
Because every form has its own importance,
Love should just be spread and shared.

Love is meant to be shared!!
Love is meant to be shared!!

Just for You…!!

When I am happy; when i am sad,
All I need is YOU.
After a long sleep and dream of yours,
My day starts with YOU.
You make my day so amazing and fresh,
The smile all day is due to YOU.
When I feel sick or I am heavy,
I always think of YOU.
My health goes all well and good,
When I talk to YOU.
A hug so tight; a kiss so deep,
Is the thing I need from YOU.
To make your life full of charms and happiness,
I want to stand by side of YOU.
Sweet, loving, charming and caring,
None can be as beautiful as YOU.
My heart can never stop beating,
Cuz inside it have is You, you and only YOU.
Just keep staying with me forever,
Cuz I just know that I love YOU.
Never leave me or hurt me,
I will definitely die without YOU.

A Child’s Diary


You were happy but incomplete until I entered your life,

But you were everything for my dad as a good wife.

A day came when you got a son so sweet,

That was my elder brother whom I was yet to meet.

Two years passed and I was still with God,

I asked him to send me to you and he gave me a nod.

Finally I saw u celebrating with the news so good,

Everyone was so happy as a carpenter with wood.

After few months january it came,

You and dad were ready with a good name.

On the dawn of 8th I was in your arms,

I was sleeping silently in your hands so calm.

I completed your life and made you happy as ever,

And finally I got to see my father, mother and brother.

That was the day and today is the day,

Wish u be with me forever is what I pray.

You and my relation can be measured never,

You are my sweet, loving and charming MOTHER.

My God told me once he gave me parents better than the rest,

Today i want to say him he’s wrong as they are better than the Best.