iTwin – Not an Apple product this time…!!

Yes you read it right! It is’nt an apple product this time. It is an Indian foundation. iTwin is founded by Lux Anantharaman and Kal Takuru who are proud to rise India higher in the field of Techonology. Lux anantharaman is currently the c-founder and CEO of iTwin and Kal Takuru acts as a co-founder and COO of iTwin.
After achieving a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from IIT in Chennai and a Masters degree from IISc in Bangalore, Lux worked first as an IT security researcher at the Institute of Systems Science, Singapore and then as senior researcher at Kent Ridge Digital Labs and the Institute for Infocomm Research. Lux specializes in PKI implementations, efficient digital certificate revocations and usable security. Lux was pursuing a part-time MBA at NUS Business School, Singapore, but put studies on hold because of potential of iTwin.
Kal came to Singapore 15 years ago on a scholarship and has been here since. He loves Singapore and finds it to be a “wonderful place for tech lovers”. After achieving Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Engineering from NTU Singapore, he went on to work on Competitive Intelligence and Planning for Singapore’s Institute for Infocomm Research.
Now you all must be wondering what is iTwin? So I will tell you what is it. The iTwin creates a highly secure, peer-to-peer, hardware-enabled, AES-256 encrypted connection between the two computers. The two halves of iTwin are first paired on a user’s computer, creating a crypto key which is specific to the device. Only the two halves of the user’s iTwin know the key. Plug the halves into the USB ports of any two online computers, anywhere in the world, and iTwin works like the two ends of a cable, without the cable. A window pops up allowing you to edit, synchronize or transfer between your two devices.

The device is no bigger than a USB drive and fits comfortably into pockets and bags.
When you connect iTwin to your computer, the two halves “pair” and create a secure key that only these two halves know. No one else knows this key – including the iTwin company. This means your data is completely secure. iTwin uses 256-bit AES encryption. This standard is comparable to that of the military or online banking services. On top of that, iTwin uses hardware crypto, not software, which makes iTwin’s encryption even more difficult to crack! When you connect iTwin, you’ll see a regular window pop-up, just as you would if you plugged in a regular USB flash drive. Drag and drop files and folders into this window to share them – as many as you want. Leave your computer with one half of iTwin connected to it. Detach the other half of iTwin and take it with you. Wherever you go, you can remotely access the shared files, simply by plugging the half you are carrying into any online Windows computer, anywhere. iTwin allows you to transfer files to – or from – your home computer. Or your office computer. Or your friend’s, or your colleague’s! iTwin also allows you to edit the shared files on a remote computer, while keeping them on that remote computer.

iTwin was shortlisted in TechCrunch50, in September 2009 in Silicon Valley. The iTwin team received a special invitation to TechCrunch’s tokyoCamp in Japan. iTwin has won a Singapore Design Merit Award. iTwin was selected as one of the one of the top 4 technologies at Asia’s biggest ICT conference, Communic’Asia 2010.

Thus iTwin is all set to rock the worl at just the rate of $99. It is available in light green colour and grey clolour. You can buy it online as well from its official website.