New Boy in the City!

Doesn’t this title seems similar to you? Well yes, its been stolen from the famous Bollywood movie “Wake up Sid!” The only difference is girl being replaced by boy here. And that boy is ofcourse me 😀 When I thought of writing I couldn’t come up with any title other than this 😛  And also the city isn’t Mumbai this time. It’s the third largest city in Andhra Pradesh, the city known as the Port city, Visakhapatnam. Many people know it as Vizag. The city basically famous for the Visakhapatnam Port has various different beaches that add to the city’s beauty. It also has various hills, one of which being Kailasgiri hills!  The weather here is almost rainy always and humidity adds as a negative trait due to the city located near beach.

Enough of city’s description now. It’s time for my experience here so far. It’s just been two weeks since I have been in this city but I don’t know why, there is something different about this city. I stepped up into Vizag on 7th of July as I had to report at Wipro on 8th July for my first Job. I was as usual excited but that questions kept up popping into my head whether how the new city would be and how would be the people here as it was my first visit to Andhra pradesh. I reached at my relatives place on 7th and the first thing I observed after getting into Vizag was the scenic Beauty. The hills and beaches here are just amazing and it adds an extra flavor into the city of Port.

View of Vizag from kailasgiri Hills!
View of Vizag from kailasgiri Hills!

I reported at Wipro on 8th July and thereafter I had to join the office from 14th July. so I had a good 5 days time to visit this place and I really utilized this time. I started of my visit with Varuna Beach where there is a submarine kept as a museum for people to visit. that heavy submarine served in the Indian Navy in 1971. Believe it or not, it took 1.5 years to bring that submarine from jut the shore to the place where its kept now. And the total amount spent in this transporting was around 6 crores. The Submarine has been made open from inside for people to visit. My next destination was Kailasgiri hills, a place you would fall in love with. The best thing about that place is, it portrays the entire Vizag from hills. the view from there is just wonderful. There is a toy train that runs around the hills making you see the entire vizag city from hills. The view of the city along with the sea and beach makes it more attractive and lovely. I have never seen such a scenic beauty in my entire life. Also the place is so good for photography lovers. I bet your camera would have a bunch of pics at the end of the day you visit kailasgiri hills.


This city definitely has got a lot of tourist attraction places. And there are yet a lot number of places which I haven’t visited yet. I hope to visit them soon on weekend. Concluding this I would just like to say that this city has been very special to me as I did not fear even for a single second the day I stepped here. Its been such a wonderful place. Although I am here only for three months but still I hope to explore it totally. And obviously it’s special for me because I got to start my professional life from such a nice place. I am just more than glad that I got my training location as Vizag 🙂


MSP – A new Beginning !!

start with, many of u already know what is a MSP. But still there might
be some who might not be aware of the term. Well I would like to tell
you what or who is a MSP.
MSP is a Microsoft student partner appointed
by Microsoft in various part of the world to represent themselves in
their colleges as a student ambassador of Microsoft. These students are
basically trained to make others aware of Microsoft’s

latest technologies by conducting sessions and events at their college.
Last year I applied for the same and on December 7th 2012 I was appointed as
MSP by Microsoft 🙂

That was
the day where my journey as a MSP began. I knew my life was going to
take a turn and I will be surrounded by every latest technology out
there especially those by Microsoft.
The journey as a MSP has been a
marvellous one so far especially when I got to attend so many seminars
and conferences where I could meet many higher officials of different
organisations and companies. Also I made many new friends who themselves
are MSPs from different colleges and help each other in every
difficulty we face. In short we are the students who are highly skilled
to help others and take Microsoft to a more higher place.

If we talk about the benefits of being a MSP then definitely this blog space will be less 😛 Firstly we as a MSP get MSDN subscription where we have access to all Microsoft’s software present till date. the value of this subscription is 13,999$ i.e approximately 7 lakh Indian rupees. Also we get a free invitation to every event conducted by Microsoft every month/year. Also Bootcamp is one of the famous event conducted by Microsoft in a nice location every year where every MSP from India comes and have a meet up. Last year it was conducted in Bangalore where a Guinness book of world record was awarded to Microsoft India for non stop coding for 18 hrs. All the MSPs were a part of this and got a certificate from Guinness Records.

Not only this, Recently I got a
Nokia Asha 310, a dual sim phone by Nokia for I have to make an app for
them. This opportunity couldn’t have been possible if I wouldn’t have been a
MSP. I thank all my fellow MSPs to make me aware of this contest and
also I hope to receive many gifts and prizes in the coming future. All I
want to say that it is just a beginning of a new dream and many more is
yet to come. Lastly want to conclude by saying that MSPs rock and I am
proud to be one!!

A Child’s Diary


You were happy but incomplete until I entered your life,

But you were everything for my dad as a good wife.

A day came when you got a son so sweet,

That was my elder brother whom I was yet to meet.

Two years passed and I was still with God,

I asked him to send me to you and he gave me a nod.

Finally I saw u celebrating with the news so good,

Everyone was so happy as a carpenter with wood.

After few months january it came,

You and dad were ready with a good name.

On the dawn of 8th I was in your arms,

I was sleeping silently in your hands so calm.

I completed your life and made you happy as ever,

And finally I got to see my father, mother and brother.

That was the day and today is the day,

Wish u be with me forever is what I pray.

You and my relation can be measured never,

You are my sweet, loving and charming MOTHER.

My God told me once he gave me parents better than the rest,

Today i want to say him he’s wrong as they are better than the Best.

More than a Party…!!!

The day still have it’s impact on me. Those innocent faces keeps haunting me and are the reason that made me write my first blog of 2012 on them.

It was 21st day of august and I had birthday of my younger cousin brother who turned 5 that day. I was invited for a small party by my uncle that evening. I was prepared for some good restuarant but I was shocked and surprised when I found out that this party is going to be held at an ORPHANAGE. By 6pm I was at that place with my family. There were lots of arrangements and decorations made by my uncle alongwith the people at the orphanage. The hall was looking not less than a banquet decorated for a marriage. We were welcomed by 4 small students not more than 8 years. They sang a song for us (i don’t remember the lyrics). I was blank after seeing around 100 children altogether gathering in the hall. They all greeted us and sat on the chairs. Firstly a small speech was given by the head of orphanage and later cake was cut by my brother. I was just lost in their faces, their world of living. None of them moved from their place and was just singing birthday song in a manner they were taught. I could notice children ranging from the age of 4 to 18 . All standing silently with just one thing in common i.e they were ORPHANS. I could sense their excitement for the dinner and cake. later they were taken for dinner which was different from their daily routine dinner. I saw them eat with full interest and one by one they were moved to their dorms. They had heir beds attached and had their seperate studiyng tables and almirah. All of them did their prayer before going to sleep. I told my uncle that I want to meet the owner of this orphanage. On my talk to him I found out that he was a retired army men and he started this orphanage 12 yrs ago. He himself financed the place and rest was given by the trusts and people who visited/visits the place. I went red when he told me that there was no support from our own government. When a simple man like him can take such a big step then howcome our government be so selfish? There are no doubt government aided orphanages as well but when it comes to personal or private does’nt government has any responsibility? why our system is sitting hands folded then?

Anyways my talk with him was interrupted when a van arrived at the main gate of orphanage. I found a lady with a little girl in her hand. The lady was the caretaker of children in that orphanage. The girl in her hand was badly biten up and hurt. She had marks of  blood on her cheeks and hands. On my eagerness to know I was told by the van driver that this young girl was found lying near the toilet in railway station alongwith dogs scratching and playing with her body. I was broken down by heart and just sat on the sofa wondering how cruel can life be with such innocent babies?

Anyways apart from this issue I would like to ask the people of this country (infact every country) that what leads to these orphans? Are we humans so careless to take the responsibility of the child that we leave them at the railway station, bus stand, roads etc. If thats the case then who gave us the right to give birth to them. Children are not meant to be born and left after. we cannot forget that we could have also been in the same place as they are in. You saved doesnt mean you hav the right to leave them to suffer. If you are not ready for the child then better don’t give birth to them. You have no right to spoil their lives and leave them the way they never thought to be. Well overpopulation is one of the major cause that leads to poverty and hence leads to orphans.

I know my voice will neither reach the one’s behind it nor the orphans or the government but I just hope that life should’nt be so cruel n harsh to them. I just wish that noone ever experience a life of an orphan. My blog is just to make my friends and people aware of the fact that there are still many innocents living the life which is worse than the death. Many of us have never viited orphanages but it’s a humble request to all of  you to once visit an orphanage and spend time with them. Also donate your old belongings to them rather than throwing them away.

And now I am proud to say that thankgod I wasn’t taken to some good restuarant for party that day else I would have missed such a wonderful experience I shared with those children. Someone has said very right that what happens, happens for the good. So I will never miss that day ever in my life and will love to visit that place again. And as I said it was “MORE THAN A PARTY…!!” 



Goodbye is a word or expression used to express good wishes when parting or at the end of a conversation. With a promise to meet again and to be in touch always. But when it comes to bid goodbye forever i.e the last goodbye. the meaning changes to a large extent. The last goodbye may be the last physical contact with the person but emotionally it is always first on ur mind and lasts forever in your life…

The Last Goodbye changes your life totally and thereafter a new image of yours is observed in front of world. You may ignore in front of the world that you are sad but inside you that last goodbye still bites you. You lose all your social interests and neglect gatherings and feel like being all alone.
It makes you remember that person’s lips wishing his last goodbye, the hurt that still remains on your heart though not visible.. The last goodbye leaves you on an empty road just sitting and crying left with nothing but memories flashing by of the time spent with your loved ones…

THE LAST GOODBYE for to be sure, there would be no meeting such like the one that kept them together all those years, no, the last goodbye felt like a sting that would never leave you…

Why is it that we always have to end up with goodbyes? For them its very easy to walk away but the person suffering feels tired of chasing after them.. Its better not to push it though. May be this is for the best.. May be this is where you should be.. The last goodbye always lasts and it will always be a bye whether good or bad….


Whether he says hard or worst, it means the same. 2009-10 was the worst experience he ever had in his life.There were many great and good things that he came across but they were not enough in front of bad times. He was an average rather say a bright student before joining a great school in 11th std.

But crashed between school life and competetives he went down and down and a gradual decrease came in him from average to below average:-( He used to feel lonely, miss his parents a lot as they were not living with him. Hence locked in a room 12′ X 10′ he becane dull and lost all his concentrations from studies.
As a result his board result went down and he almost lagged behind in competetives as well. He did study a lot but whenever he used to study, he lacked concentration due to the bad days he was facing there.
He also lost trust of the most important persons of his life and he started getting taunts from them. But thanks to all his friends who always let him make smile whenever with them and never make him down. But he lost n he still regrets it.
He wants to regain that trust besides knowing that it is not going to come back. Somwhere or the other it still bites him though he is living happily now. And that pain can never leave him:-( His one mistake led him to think upon a topic throughout his lifetime..
May this year prove good and favouring for him. I agree that in life such days arrive but it just makes the person weak and he won’t get back untill he gets some moral support.
Rightly said that life is an easy game but with rules difficult to understand. The one who grasp its rules can master the game and the other will be left at the bottom only waiting for the good time….


Finally the day of me writing a blog is here. There could be many mistakes but after all I just hope that you people give a view to my thoughts. What I believe that trust is  shared values. In other words we can say that trust is a decision, a commitment, a pact or a bond that builds and connects. We’re defining it, outlining it, and promoting it to each other, but the what it is seems less than actually defined.

What made me write on this topic is my personal experience on this topic and I can assure that everybody of you have been faced or will face a great attack rather say shockrelated to trust some or the other day. I don’t want to share the incident that happened with me but its just that the most important person of my life rather say our lives made me write all this by blaming me of breaking his/her trust. And I knw that I have broken that person’s trust but not for the bad cause…:-(
It is the most important factor in spoiling relations.. starting from parents and child to the loved ones. Also it is the most important factor in improving or making relations strong. Trust makes you close to a person and you share with that person every single thing related to you and your life.

Also Courage and trust go hand in hand. As I gain the courage to step forward I find that I need to fall back on trust. Do I trust the people in my life to support me in my decision? Do I trust my own enough to follow through with my plan? Most importantly, do I live my life to show that I trust God enough to really let him be Lord of my life?

It is quite simple to trust when all is going well. The question becomes whether or not the trust will stick around when the going gets tough? In my case I think the answer is yes. I have never failed you but there’s some misconception. You remain the same now and forever. Yes I trust you and hope you also trust me some day….