New Boy in the City!

Doesn’t this title seems similar to you? Well yes, its been stolen from the famous Bollywood movie “Wake up Sid!” The only difference is girl being replaced by boy here. And that boy is ofcourse me 😀 When I thought of writing I couldn’t come up with any title other than this 😛  And also the city isn’t Mumbai this time. It’s the third largest city in Andhra Pradesh, the city known as the Port city, Visakhapatnam. Many people know it as Vizag. The city basically famous for the Visakhapatnam Port has various different beaches that add to the city’s beauty. It also has various hills, one of which being Kailasgiri hills!  The weather here is almost rainy always and humidity adds as a negative trait due to the city located near beach.

Enough of city’s description now. It’s time for my experience here so far. It’s just been two weeks since I have been in this city but I don’t know why, there is something different about this city. I stepped up into Vizag on 7th of July as I had to report at Wipro on 8th July for my first Job. I was as usual excited but that questions kept up popping into my head whether how the new city would be and how would be the people here as it was my first visit to Andhra pradesh. I reached at my relatives place on 7th and the first thing I observed after getting into Vizag was the scenic Beauty. The hills and beaches here are just amazing and it adds an extra flavor into the city of Port.

View of Vizag from kailasgiri Hills!
View of Vizag from kailasgiri Hills!

I reported at Wipro on 8th July and thereafter I had to join the office from 14th July. so I had a good 5 days time to visit this place and I really utilized this time. I started of my visit with Varuna Beach where there is a submarine kept as a museum for people to visit. that heavy submarine served in the Indian Navy in 1971. Believe it or not, it took 1.5 years to bring that submarine from jut the shore to the place where its kept now. And the total amount spent in this transporting was around 6 crores. The Submarine has been made open from inside for people to visit. My next destination was Kailasgiri hills, a place you would fall in love with. The best thing about that place is, it portrays the entire Vizag from hills. the view from there is just wonderful. There is a toy train that runs around the hills making you see the entire vizag city from hills. The view of the city along with the sea and beach makes it more attractive and lovely. I have never seen such a scenic beauty in my entire life. Also the place is so good for photography lovers. I bet your camera would have a bunch of pics at the end of the day you visit kailasgiri hills.


This city definitely has got a lot of tourist attraction places. And there are yet a lot number of places which I haven’t visited yet. I hope to visit them soon on weekend. Concluding this I would just like to say that this city has been very special to me as I did not fear even for a single second the day I stepped here. Its been such a wonderful place. Although I am here only for three months but still I hope to explore it totally. And obviously it’s special for me because I got to start my professional life from such a nice place. I am just more than glad that I got my training location as Vizag 🙂


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