‘You’ & ‘I’

I don’t know when you were born,
Neither I can say when you will die.
But an end to you is a must,
Which no body can deny !!

Some of you live near temples and nearest to god,
yet ill treated by people who find you odd.

We all are God’s creation then why do you suffer,
Just because of your fate having a bad father or mother.

You are left alone in some dirty creepy streets,
And whole life just left with an urge to plead.

That is the time when you and I differ,
I enjoy my life and you just suffer.

I wish to be God to improve your state,
And show you that sometimes life can be great.

But that is not possible as I cannot be God,
What can I do is stop considering you odd.

I, here is nothing but a common living man,
Who is trying and helping to make you stand.

There should be no two types as You and I,
where I enjoy life and you are left to cry.

I wish for the day with no you my friend,
If this happens I wish the world should end.


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