Love and it’s various forms !!

When we are born we have the love of our mother,
followed by that of our father.
That love which should never be compared to any
Form of love, even when shown by many.

The next phase is the love you get
from your sweet siblings,
With whom you fight, play, study,
and leave after marrying.

Now comes the time for the love of a lover,
Whether true or infatuation, it just makes you happier.
This is the time when heart says lover but mind says future,
Some break up and some end up as life partners.

Life moves and comes the love of a partner,
The couple shares the bond that lasts forever.
It’s always your partner after the love of your mother,
Who really cares for you as God made you a pair.

Lastly we have the love of our own children,
Who are just born but fills our life with fun.
They grow and their love for us grow,
I wish everyone a life where these steps only flow!!

Thus love has its various forms,
That can never be compared.
Because every form has its own importance,
Love should just be spread and shared.

Love is meant to be shared!!
Love is meant to be shared!!


MSP – A new Beginning !!

start with, many of u already know what is a MSP. But still there might
be some who might not be aware of the term. Well I would like to tell
you what or who is a MSP.
MSP is a Microsoft student partner appointed
by Microsoft in various part of the world to represent themselves in
their colleges as a student ambassador of Microsoft. These students are
basically trained to make others aware of Microsoft’s

latest technologies by conducting sessions and events at their college.
Last year I applied for the same and on December 7th 2012 I was appointed as
MSP by Microsoft 🙂

That was
the day where my journey as a MSP began. I knew my life was going to
take a turn and I will be surrounded by every latest technology out
there especially those by Microsoft.
The journey as a MSP has been a
marvellous one so far especially when I got to attend so many seminars
and conferences where I could meet many higher officials of different
organisations and companies. Also I made many new friends who themselves
are MSPs from different colleges and help each other in every
difficulty we face. In short we are the students who are highly skilled
to help others and take Microsoft to a more higher place.

If we talk about the benefits of being a MSP then definitely this blog space will be less 😛 Firstly we as a MSP get MSDN subscription where we have access to all Microsoft’s software present till date. the value of this subscription is 13,999$ i.e approximately 7 lakh Indian rupees. Also we get a free invitation to every event conducted by Microsoft every month/year. Also Bootcamp is one of the famous event conducted by Microsoft in a nice location every year where every MSP from India comes and have a meet up. Last year it was conducted in Bangalore where a Guinness book of world record was awarded to Microsoft India for non stop coding for 18 hrs. All the MSPs were a part of this and got a certificate from Guinness Records.

Not only this, Recently I got a
Nokia Asha 310, a dual sim phone by Nokia for I have to make an app for
them. This opportunity couldn’t have been possible if I wouldn’t have been a
MSP. I thank all my fellow MSPs to make me aware of this contest and
also I hope to receive many gifts and prizes in the coming future. All I
want to say that it is just a beginning of a new dream and many more is
yet to come. Lastly want to conclude by saying that MSPs rock and I am
proud to be one!!

‘You’ & ‘I’

I don’t know when you were born,
Neither I can say when you will die.
But an end to you is a must,
Which no body can deny !!

Some of you live near temples and nearest to god,
yet ill treated by people who find you odd.

We all are God’s creation then why do you suffer,
Just because of your fate having a bad father or mother.

You are left alone in some dirty creepy streets,
And whole life just left with an urge to plead.

That is the time when you and I differ,
I enjoy my life and you just suffer.

I wish to be God to improve your state,
And show you that sometimes life can be great.

But that is not possible as I cannot be God,
What can I do is stop considering you odd.

I, here is nothing but a common living man,
Who is trying and helping to make you stand.

There should be no two types as You and I,
where I enjoy life and you are left to cry.

I wish for the day with no you my friend,
If this happens I wish the world should end.