Till Then !!

I was going around, taking a walk
Just happened to meet you somewhere on the way
We didn’t share the same last names
But we did share the best moments I can say…

I grew up somewhere far away
But I never got so close to anyone
You were not a blood brother to me
But when you were there, Life seemed all fun…

We studied in the same schools
We had the same close pals
We took rides on the same old bike
We chased the same pretty gals…

We never woke up early enough for any class
We never reached any lecture on time
Some days when we did make it to few
The Over Head Transmission worked perfectly fine…

Sometimes you made fun of me when you were on a high
But you never forgot to say you luv me after every shot
Sometimes you argued with me you fought with me
But in the end there was only one shoulder on which you cried a lot…

If you havn’t recognized me yet, I wanna tell you one thing in the end
I am no stranger I am no alien, I am what you call a “Friend”
Waving goodbye is hard, by saying I am fine, I don’t wanna feign
I promise I’ll meet u someday, till den I’ll go around n walk again…