More than a Party…!!!

The day still have it’s impact on me. Those innocent faces keeps haunting me and are the reason that made me write my first blog of 2012 on them.

It was 21st day of august and I had birthday of my younger cousin brother who turned 5 that day. I was invited for a small party by my uncle that evening. I was prepared for some good restuarant but I was shocked and surprised when I found out that this party is going to be held at an ORPHANAGE. By 6pm I was at that place with my family. There were lots of arrangements and decorations made by my uncle alongwith the people at the orphanage. The hall was looking not less than a banquet decorated for a marriage. We were welcomed by 4 small students not more than 8 years. They sang a song for us (i don’t remember the lyrics). I was blank after seeing around 100 children altogether gathering in the hall. They all greeted us and sat on the chairs. Firstly a small speech was given by the head of orphanage and later cake was cut by my brother. I was just lost in their faces, their world of living. None of them moved from their place and was just singing birthday song in a manner they were taught. I could notice children ranging from the age of 4 to 18 . All standing silently with just one thing in common i.e they were ORPHANS. I could sense their excitement for the dinner and cake. later they were taken for dinner which was different from their daily routine dinner. I saw them eat with full interest and one by one they were moved to their dorms. They had heir beds attached and had their seperate studiyng tables and almirah. All of them did their prayer before going to sleep. I told my uncle that I want to meet the owner of this orphanage. On my talk to him I found out that he was a retired army men and he started this orphanage 12 yrs ago. He himself financed the place and rest was given by the trusts and people who visited/visits the place. I went red when he told me that there was no support from our own government. When a simple man like him can take such a big step then howcome our government be so selfish? There are no doubt government aided orphanages as well but when it comes to personal or private does’nt government has any responsibility? why our system is sitting hands folded then?

Anyways my talk with him was interrupted when a van arrived at the main gate of orphanage. I found a lady with a little girl in her hand. The lady was the caretaker of children in that orphanage. The girl in her hand was badly biten up and hurt. She had marks of  blood on her cheeks and hands. On my eagerness to know I was told by the van driver that this young girl was found lying near the toilet in railway station alongwith dogs scratching and playing with her body. I was broken down by heart and just sat on the sofa wondering how cruel can life be with such innocent babies?

Anyways apart from this issue I would like to ask the people of this country (infact every country) that what leads to these orphans? Are we humans so careless to take the responsibility of the child that we leave them at the railway station, bus stand, roads etc. If thats the case then who gave us the right to give birth to them. Children are not meant to be born and left after. we cannot forget that we could have also been in the same place as they are in. You saved doesnt mean you hav the right to leave them to suffer. If you are not ready for the child then better don’t give birth to them. You have no right to spoil their lives and leave them the way they never thought to be. Well overpopulation is one of the major cause that leads to poverty and hence leads to orphans.

I know my voice will neither reach the one’s behind it nor the orphans or the government but I just hope that life should’nt be so cruel n harsh to them. I just wish that noone ever experience a life of an orphan. My blog is just to make my friends and people aware of the fact that there are still many innocents living the life which is worse than the death. Many of us have never viited orphanages but it’s a humble request to all of  you to once visit an orphanage and spend time with them. Also donate your old belongings to them rather than throwing them away.

And now I am proud to say that thankgod I wasn’t taken to some good restuarant for party that day else I would have missed such a wonderful experience I shared with those children. Someone has said very right that what happens, happens for the good. So I will never miss that day ever in my life and will love to visit that place again. And as I said it was “MORE THAN A PARTY…!!” 


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