Goodbye is a word or expression used to express good wishes when parting or at the end of a conversation. With a promise to meet again and to be in touch always. But when it comes to bid goodbye forever i.e the last goodbye. the meaning changes to a large extent. The last goodbye may be the last physical contact with the person but emotionally it is always first on ur mind and lasts forever in your life…

The Last Goodbye changes your life totally and thereafter a new image of yours is observed in front of world. You may ignore in front of the world that you are sad but inside you that last goodbye still bites you. You lose all your social interests and neglect gatherings and feel like being all alone.
It makes you remember that person’s lips wishing his last goodbye, the hurt that still remains on your heart though not visible.. The last goodbye leaves you on an empty road just sitting and crying left with nothing but memories flashing by of the time spent with your loved ones…

THE LAST GOODBYE for to be sure, there would be no meeting such like the one that kept them together all those years, no, the last goodbye felt like a sting that would never leave you…

Why is it that we always have to end up with goodbyes? For them its very easy to walk away but the person suffering feels tired of chasing after them.. Its better not to push it though. May be this is for the best.. May be this is where you should be.. The last goodbye always lasts and it will always be a bye whether good or bad….


8 thoughts on “THE LAST GOODBYE…!!!

  1. i agree wid u venki!! anvit’s best till up da gud wrk..remarkable improvement in ur writing..! its touchy..striked da rite chord..

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