Finally the day of me writing a blog is here. There could be many mistakes but after all I just hope that you people give a view to my thoughts. What I believe that trust is  shared values. In other words we can say that trust is a decision, a commitment, a pact or a bond that builds and connects. We’re defining it, outlining it, and promoting it to each other, but the what it is seems less than actually defined.

What made me write on this topic is my personal experience on this topic and I can assure that everybody of you have been faced or will face a great attack rather say shockrelated to trust some or the other day. I don’t want to share the incident that happened with me but its just that the most important person of my life rather say our lives made me write all this by blaming me of breaking his/her trust. And I knw that I have broken that person’s trust but not for the bad cause…:-(
It is the most important factor in spoiling relations.. starting from parents and child to the loved ones. Also it is the most important factor in improving or making relations strong. Trust makes you close to a person and you share with that person every single thing related to you and your life.

Also Courage and trust go hand in hand. As I gain the courage to step forward I find that I need to fall back on trust. Do I trust the people in my life to support me in my decision? Do I trust my own enough to follow through with my plan? Most importantly, do I live my life to show that I trust God enough to really let him be Lord of my life?

It is quite simple to trust when all is going well. The question becomes whether or not the trust will stick around when the going gets tough? In my case I think the answer is yes. I have never failed you but there’s some misconception. You remain the same now and forever. Yes I trust you and hope you also trust me some day….


6 thoughts on “WHEN WILL YOU TRUST?

  1. good beginning anvit……..but you still have some way to go……i really like ur last paragraph 🙂 n dnt wry i am sure dat person also trusts you they hust havnt been able 2 express it!!

  2. hello anvit .
    m very excited to see this.
    m also interested to have my own web site.
    so please guide me.
    And by-the way you have written really great.


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