Goodbye is a word or expression used to express good wishes when parting or at the end of a conversation. With a promise to meet again and to be in touch always. But when it comes to bid goodbye forever i.e the last goodbye. the meaning changes to a large extent. The last goodbye may be the last physical contact with the person but emotionally it is always first on ur mind and lasts forever in your life…

The Last Goodbye changes your life totally and thereafter a new image of yours is observed in front of world. You may ignore in front of the world that you are sad but inside you that last goodbye still bites you. You lose all your social interests and neglect gatherings and feel like being all alone.
It makes you remember that person’s lips wishing his last goodbye, the hurt that still remains on your heart though not visible.. The last goodbye leaves you on an empty road just sitting and crying left with nothing but memories flashing by of the time spent with your loved ones…

THE LAST GOODBYE for to be sure, there would be no meeting such like the one that kept them together all those years, no, the last goodbye felt like a sting that would never leave you…

Why is it that we always have to end up with goodbyes? For them its very easy to walk away but the person suffering feels tired of chasing after them.. Its better not to push it though. May be this is for the best.. May be this is where you should be.. The last goodbye always lasts and it will always be a bye whether good or bad….



Whether he says hard or worst, it means the same. 2009-10 was the worst experience he ever had in his life.There were many great and good things that he came across but they were not enough in front of bad times. He was an average rather say a bright student before joining a great school in 11th std.

But crashed between school life and competetives he went down and down and a gradual decrease came in him from average to below average:-( He used to feel lonely, miss his parents a lot as they were not living with him. Hence locked in a room 12′ X 10′ he becane dull and lost all his concentrations from studies.
As a result his board result went down and he almost lagged behind in competetives as well. He did study a lot but whenever he used to study, he lacked concentration due to the bad days he was facing there.
He also lost trust of the most important persons of his life and he started getting taunts from them. But thanks to all his friends who always let him make smile whenever with them and never make him down. But he lost n he still regrets it.
He wants to regain that trust besides knowing that it is not going to come back. Somwhere or the other it still bites him though he is living happily now. And that pain can never leave him:-( His one mistake led him to think upon a topic throughout his lifetime..
May this year prove good and favouring for him. I agree that in life such days arrive but it just makes the person weak and he won’t get back untill he gets some moral support.
Rightly said that life is an easy game but with rules difficult to understand. The one who grasp its rules can master the game and the other will be left at the bottom only waiting for the good time….


Finally the day of me writing a blog is here. There could be many mistakes but after all I just hope that you people give a view to my thoughts. What I believe that trust is  shared values. In other words we can say that trust is a decision, a commitment, a pact or a bond that builds and connects. We’re defining it, outlining it, and promoting it to each other, but the what it is seems less than actually defined.

What made me write on this topic is my personal experience on this topic and I can assure that everybody of you have been faced or will face a great attack rather say shockrelated to trust some or the other day. I don’t want to share the incident that happened with me but its just that the most important person of my life rather say our lives made me write all this by blaming me of breaking his/her trust. And I knw that I have broken that person’s trust but not for the bad cause…:-(
It is the most important factor in spoiling relations.. starting from parents and child to the loved ones. Also it is the most important factor in improving or making relations strong. Trust makes you close to a person and you share with that person every single thing related to you and your life.

Also Courage and trust go hand in hand. As I gain the courage to step forward I find that I need to fall back on trust. Do I trust the people in my life to support me in my decision? Do I trust my own enough to follow through with my plan? Most importantly, do I live my life to show that I trust God enough to really let him be Lord of my life?

It is quite simple to trust when all is going well. The question becomes whether or not the trust will stick around when the going gets tough? In my case I think the answer is yes. I have never failed you but there’s some misconception. You remain the same now and forever. Yes I trust you and hope you also trust me some day….